Jason and OK Google misdetection

So, a few times now I have seen @JasonHowell trigger his phone by accident on a show, and it seems rather strange to me. Sure, I get false triggers on my phone too, but not nearly as often as he seems to.

Anyone else think it’s strange how often his phone triggers? and what can he do about it? I’m pretty sure I already heard him mention that he has re-trained it. Although if the issue was the phone itself, I guess he just got a new one, so it’s been solved.


My brother’s phone gets triggered ALL. THE. TIME. I could not put up with that if I were him. I’m on IOS and very rarely trigger Siri inadvertently.

I had to turn off auto-detection on my previous and current phones because they would trigger from voices on TV, whenever Aaron Newcomb is on a TWiT show, and sometimes Leo’s voice. I tried retraining many many times over the past few years but it never helped so I gave up. I figure my voice is is too much of a generic white guy voice so Google’s training can’t lock in a truly unique voice match pattern.

It really is strange, it happens often. I have no clue why. I think I’ve just kind of gotten used to it.

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I wonder if you could tell it you are Australian or something and then re-train it?

I only keep OK Google detection on when driving and it often activates when I’m singing (Yeah, that’s me wailing away in the car next to you :wink:) I often can’t tell what activated it but sometimes I can, and the line usually sounds nothing like “OK Google” to me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have auto detection on, it does not trigger that often for me, even so I tend to trigger it with the power button double tap gesture on my Motorola G7 power

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Can be automatically enabled?

@JasonHowell I would suggest you to disable voice match and only keep a gesture like to squeeze or power button double tap

You can specify it in Android Auto settings

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Cool! Thanks, sadly my mom does not uses Android auto, she freaks out when she sees a new UI