Q's about Android 7 feature 'loss' in Android 10

I placed loss in quotes as I don’t know if they’re really gone.

I upgraded my Moto X Pure (from 2017) after 4 years and purchased a Samsung Galaxy S10+ in April. The X Pure was sitting at Android 7.0. The S10+ came with OS 9, then quickly received several patches before upgrading to OS 10. I’m still getting used to Samsung’s launcher and I’m not sure I like everything about it but some things are nice.

There are several feature differences I’ve noticed that I can’t find workarounds for. I’m hoping someone can help me correct them or find apps/helpers to tweak those features back.

First: When I take naps I like to turn on the “Do Not Disturb” feature. In OS 7 there was a duration option to leave DND on until the alarm time. Now there’s no setting for that, only for a set period, “until I turn it off,” or “ask every time.” Is there a way to re-add the missing option?

Second: When you pull down on the home screen from the top, you see notifications/status messages and a row of feature icons across the top. Dragging down further shows a much larger list of feature icons. How can I place my own favorite features in that ‘simple’ pull-down bar and remove the ones I don’t want?

Third: I was able to remove all the Bixby and notification home screen crap that would appear when I’d swipe right. Can I put my own app notifications / etc. on that screen?

Fourth: This was also a problem in OS 7. Whenever I use the voice feature on the Google keyboard, I get a pop-up notification that blocks almost half the screen. It tells me that the “audio is being sent to Google” blah blah and “a copy is being sent to” my Gmail address. Great, tell me once, I get it. But every single time is TOO much. How can I disable this notification?

Thanks in advance for any help or input on these issues.

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The first sounds like a Moto extension, I’ve not seen it on any device I’ve used, only the DNS until I turn it off or DNS for a specific period.

The second, when you drop down the large panel of shortcuts, there is a vertical “…” menu on the right, next to search, power and settings, there is an option to re-organise the layout. You can change which items appear on the “quick” list, but you can’t add your own actions, just choose from the 30 or so options that are provided - I notice that some apps can add their own actions, for example I can add LastPass to the list.

Third, no idea, I’ve never tried. You can use an alternate launcher that will, for example, add the Google feed.

I’ve never used the voice mode, in fact, I’ve never used the Google keyboard.


Okay–thanks for chiming in!