Roku TWIT app not playing well with new podcasts

Anyone else having trouble getting Focus on Photography, hands on Photography, or Mika’s new podcasts to play on their ShiftKey software V 2.51?

@MarkNak, both FOP Audio and HOP HD just show “Retrieving…” however other TWiT podcasts with HD or SD Video are playing fine with exception, “Ask The Tech Guy” HD, SD, Audio are stuck Retrieving… TWiT Live [Mixer] and uStream Lo seem okay too.

Not loading on AppleTV4k running ShiftKey app. Also TWiT Live displays error loading however TWiTonTV (paid app) not having any trouble playing any of the TWiT podcasts. TWiTonTV app does not provide skip-ahead so you’ll have to watch all the ads.

I have the same problem. I have to get them on YouTube.

I could be mistaken, but I believe that particular software is no longer supported by the developer.


I agree with @AaronK, I think Leo posted about it a while ago, they wouldn’t be updating the app any more. I just use YoutTube now.

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Posted in 2017:

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Who has the authorization to remove apps no longer supported on either Roku or AppleTV?

I don’t know about Roku, but the ShiftKey Software app for Apple TV is no longer available in the App Store on any platform (iOS, Apple TV, or MacOS). Users who had previously downloaded the apps can continue to use it for as long as the OS still supports it.

There’s a list of apps for various platforms (as well as other ways to watch TWiT) that can be found at I update that page several times per year, add new info, and remove apps that are no longer available or haven’t been updated in years.

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