Recipe organiser app

Hi all.
Leo mentioned a Recipe organiser app a few weeks ago. Of course I was listening to the podcast on my commute so couldn’t write it down.
Anyone remember what it was?
Or anyone got a favourite I could try?
Regards from Oz


It’s Paprika - Highly recommended. It does everything you’d want including import recipes from web sites (it has a built in browser) and automatically creates sorted grocery lists. Meal planning and nutritional info, too. IOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.


Hey thanks Leo,
Thought you were on holidays!

Copy Me That is also a good one for recipes.

Hey Leo, thanks for the recommendation. My wife has already downloaded paprika and has begun using it!

I’ve been using Paprika for a couple of years. Can highly recommend it.

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Another tip from @mikahsargent 's Twitter: Paprika is currently 40% off for iOS, 50% off for Mac, until the end of November.

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