IOS 559: Get Cooking With These Apps & Accessories

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Another show where my podcast client appears to have picked up the wrong URL and can’t download the file: the URL it has is:

I have tried deleting the entry and redownloading, but get the same error. Last time, it happened with MacBreak Weekly 774. Seemed to cure itself after I deleted the entry and left it for a week before re-requesting that show.

What client do you use? We may need to look into this.

I use Podcast Republic, but even though I’m subscribed to most TWiT podcasts and a number of other non-TWiT ones, it’s only these two episodes where the client has picked up the wrong URL.

I’ll forward your report to our team. Thanks!

In case it helps: I unsubscribed then re-subcribed to iOS Today, and this time saw two entries for episode 559. One, titled “559: iOS 559: Get Cooking With…” failed to download as before. The new entry, titled “559: Get Cooking With…” downloaded just fine.