Separate podcasts for World travel and Foodies?

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Without getting into the weeds, is it possible to have a separate podcasts for world travel and gastro-adventures? Obviously these are things that are near and dear to Leo’s heart, and thats fine. But i listen for tech news and chat, and, frankly, have no interest in travel or exotic/high end food.

My fav show is this week in Google, and the food talk is mostly Tacos and Waffles, which is about my speed. I love it.

So why not do separate shows on world travel and high end food. Im sure there’s an audience. Just a suggestion.


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Just playing devil’s advocate here, but one of the things I listen to the TWiT network for is just that, if I wanted to listen to continously tech I would probably go to the wonderfully exciting Irish Tech News (or if I wanted to bored about Apple there is always the Vergecast).

I listen to @Leo and the gang because they are people first and techie second - it’s nice to feel more of a connection, at least to me anyhow.