IOS 508: Get Organized With iOS

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Hi, Leo and Mikah! I love this show. All of the Twit staff have kept me company as I work from home. I happen to be a person who is blind and wanted to say that the Paprika app that you recommended is absolutely fabulous with VoiceOver on my iPhone! I took a gamble and paid for the app, not knowing whether it would be accessible and it is! I love to cook and having my recipes all in one place is going to be great! Also, I don’t relish (pun intended), having to sort through the ads on a website just to get the recipe I’m searching for online. The fact that this awesome app can parse it out for me is amazing. I’m spending some happy weekend hours putting all of my favorite recipes in this app. Thanks so much!


I love Paprika. I have one correction however. Paprika will populate the nutrition section of the recipe if the nutrition information is explicitly included on that webpage. See the attached screenshot from the example you were showing. If the webpage does not list the nutritional info, that field is left blank. image|281x500

I love hearing stories like this.

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Thanks, Joe. I love sharing because sometimes people don’t know how much they’ve been an encouragement until they hear about it. I have 146 recipes now in the app and I’m on quite a roll. Love it!