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Just signed up and hopefully not doing anything wrong :innocent:

Due to Covit 19, many of us are required to stay at home. So I thought what a great time to get better organized. Is there any episode where Leo discusses and shares how he stays organized with to-dos and tasks apps. I know he loves DRAFTS but I assume that he uses additional tools.

Thanks and many greetings from Vancouver, BC.


Hello fellow Vancouverite!

I have been quite happy with OmniFocus3. It isn’t the prettiest or easiest to use (I think Things is easier to use and much better looking), but I love being able to have a good task hierarchy that is as many levels deep as I want it to be.

The tagging options and custom perspectives allow you to filter your tasks and only see relevant information.

I think Omnifopcus offers a free trial so it is worth trying out to see if it meets your needs.

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Hi Dan! :blush:

Are you using OmniFocus3 strictly with the GTD mythology? Do you know if Leo ever discussed these kind of tools in one of the shows?

Thanks and stay safe!

Not strictly GTG. I have a bunch of projects most of which are just ideas for for the future. Omnifocus lets me keep those separate and not clutter the stuff I am actually working on.