Travel planning app?

Does anyone know of a good travel planning app?
I am not looking for an app for reservations and flight tracking. I have that well covered.
What I am looking for is a fun app where I can set up a fantasy trip, places to go and things to do, with lots of photos and maps. I used to do this with a scrapbook I created in Corel Draw, before starting the planning for real.
I was thinking about just looking for a modern app to use as a digital scrapbook. I suspect that I have the app already, but don’t know that it could be used for that. Any ideas?

I was thinking about Affinity Publisher. I just got it, and haven’t started the tutorials yet. It sort of sounded like Corel Draw.

Well the first thing that jumped to mind was much more mundane. PackPoint It’s specifically and only about making sure you remember to pack all your stuff as you’re packing for a trip… hardly close to what you’re looking for, but I figured it might be something useful for when your trips get closer to reality.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I have that covered with Packing Pro. I have never tried PackPoint, but I have so much time and effort in Packing Pro, I doubt that I will change. But you have given me an idea. I have had a several year correspondence with Quinn at Packing Pro, so I think I will suggest that he develop such an app.

Without having looked for actual already existing examples, suggest it be name TripWishes :slight_smile:

That would be a good idea.
Affinity Publisher is working rather well, though I am having to use my laptop. I am looking forward to the next MacOS so that I can drag and drop from my iPad.

It seems like anything that lets you combine lists with images and links should do the trick, no? In the past I’ve used OneNote for this kind of thing because you can throw anything into it. You can organize and tag stuff; you can do text recognition if you paste in images with text like signs; you can share with other people; you can access from basically any device. The interface is definitely not slick, though.
I could imagine a notebook for a trip, maybe with sections for different legs of the journey, and pages for each day. Or organize around content, and have one section for Food, one for Cultural sites, one for Fun Stuff, etc.

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From the Wild Blue Wanderer: “I never thought I would be such a proponent of a Microsoft product, but here I am: I LOVE Microsoft OneNote (it’s free; I’m not getting any kickbacks) and use it to organize many things in life, including my travel plans. This is how I use it for my vacation planning.”

How I use OneNote to Organize my Travels – Wild Blue Wanderer

Just search “OneNote for travel planning” and you’ll get dozens of hits.

I have been hearing a lot about OneNote lately. I own it through Office 365, but haven’t used it. I used it a lot time ago and ended up losing all the stuff I had in it. (Probably my fault, but it soured me.) Maybe I will look at it again. Right now I am sort of digging Affinity Publisher it reminds me of my old Corel desktop publishing software. UPDATE: I just looked at that link. Boy does that sound just like what I need. I guess I had better give it a try.

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Nice! I’m glad you liked that, it seemed like a good example for you. OneNote, like Excel, is a bit of a sneaky beast with incredibly deep functionality hidden behind a pretty bland presentation layer. It’s really what you make of it. I’ve found I’m more “productive” with it on laptop or desktop, but I appreciated being able to access everything and make edits on mobile as well. The iPad experience is a decent in-between mix; on my 11" iPad Pro I can usually drag and drop links, text and images from webpages into a notebook by using split-screen. It is more cramped and fiddly than the laptop but still decent.

I am copying and pasting all I did in AP on my laptop over to Onenote on the 12.9 iPad. It is going smoothly. I am remembering that I was so disappointed with Onenote because I had loved it so much before it let me down. It happened when I went from PC to Mac in 2010.

It seems as if MS and Apple are playing together better nowadays, though I am still missing PC Excel. I know what you mean about Excel. I use it for everything. When I was a merchant marine chief mate, I set up a notebook for my chief engineer, where all he had to do was click on the first sheet where I had diagramed the layout of the ship to see the maintenance items for that area. I was always coming up with new spreadsheets for the job.

After I retired and started traveling the world I used Excel for planning, budgeting, and record keeping. I didn’t want to use Excel for this project because I wanted to draw an imaginary line between real planning and dreaming. With the way things are now, I can’t do any real planning, but I want keep busy now that I am suck in one place. Not that mi cuidad is a bad place to hang out.

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This is what I use Notion for - all our upcoming trips are there as is planning for possible future trips. Kind of the best scrapbook.


Just downloaded it. I have already decided that Onenote isn’t going to do. I was working putting things into Ulysses, but that is really too strong an app for this task. Notion looks good. I will play with it tomorrow. It is bedtime in Mexico now.

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