Popping the SIM phone to phone

I have often heard the TWiT team refer to popping the SIM from phone to phone. I was tempted to try this for my new Moto Edge. Instead I chose to follow my carriers (TING) procedure. In the process you enter your zip code so they can serve you best. They have always used the Sprint network. Since the merger they now route you through Sprint/T-Mobile or surprise, surprise, Verizon. I am now going through Verizon with a great improvement in service. Interesting that TING can sell the service for about half of what Verizon charges. I started with TING when they were an advertiser on TWiT.

I do this regularly. I swap the SIM from my company phone and private phone around or just swap them over when I get a new phone.

For a while, I had my work SIM (T-Mobile) and private SIM (Vodafone.de) in my private phone, but I now have the work SIM back in the work phone - I can leave the work phone at work or switch it off, when I’m at home.

If I quickly need to test something on iOS, I’ll grab one of the old iPhones from our stores and stick one of my SIMs in it for the tests, then put the SIM back in one of my main phones (Huawei P20 for work or Samsung Galaxy S20+ for private).

I’ve also removed the SIM from the work phone and stuck it in my laptop for 4G connectivity on the move (Lenovo ThinkPad T480).

hey big D…My new Moto Edge is Equipped for dual SIM. Must be for a guy like you.