Google Fi is not the same as it used to be since the merger became final

I am in So Cal and for years my P3XL has been on T-Mo with excellent 4G coverage 95% of the time. For the past 2-3 weeks, I noticed it is stuck on Sprint with a very weak Edge/3G coverage. I use the Signal Info app and it would let be switch carriers anymore. Not real happy with Fi now but thank God for Wi-Fi.

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Well, I read last week that the T-Mobile/Sprint merger finalized. Maybe it has something to do with that…

Of course and one would expect an improved service and not a downgrade.

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I’m in Washington state on Fi; mine is still on TMO LTE.

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My service appears to be the same as the past 3 years, almost always on Sprint LTE.

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I’m on Fi in WI and it till works fine.
Do you use any of the VPN-DNS or apps that route your DNS to a dnscrypt service?

The only time I ever had issues with the connection is in areas when big games were going on in the area and it didn’t matter which network i went to. Likely that the towers are struggling to keep up with the surge of users working from home and calling over the network instead of data-call.
Moved my in-laws to phones fr their services that could call over wifi too and that has helped a lot.

I’ve also been using that UBNT edge-x router that was tried out by some users here and used to to merge two cble modems from the same ISP to stablise my d/u bandwidth.

I’m on Fi in Northern California and haven’t noticed much change in everyday use. Of course we don’t see what we don’t want to see so maybe i should look closer. I’ve never installed an app to see what provider it’s actually connected to.