TTG 1653 for Sunday 15 Dec 2019

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@Leo I heard your comment to the guy who may have been SIM-jacked. If someone is SIM-jacked, would their original SIM still work? I thought once they activate a new SIM the other one is terminated??


I was thinking more that the number had been spoofed. If it was SIM-jacked then record of the SMS being sent would be in the mobile operator’s records.

Photos could have come from a compromised online photo storage (if they are genuine photos).


Yes, but again, wouldn’t the original SIM be terminated?

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For SIM-jacking I would have thought so. For number spoofing, any number can be attached to an SMS as the sender.

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So perhaps a question @Leo forgot to ask. Of course, he’s working live so no big deal but if the guy with the problem was asked if he could still use his phone, then that would have eliminated one possibility.

The guy stated that he scrolled up and saw the picture in his message as being sent to the person so I assume that the phone was still functioning as well as him receiving message from the person asking about the photo. I believe also that the picture being present in his messenger would also mean that someone might have actually accessed his account or phone not just his SIM. Though that’s all just my opinion.

I finally got to hear this show today…

I liked Leo’s talk about entropy. I think of the word every time I grab my headphones to go for a walk, and I have to untangle the damn cord yet again :smiley: