Sprint & T-Mobile Merger

Looks like they are 1 step closer:

I’ve seen Leo talk about this on The Tech Guy many times over the past few months.

Me personally - this doesn’t matter. The service of both T-Mobile and Sprint sucks in my area. So, no plans on changing here.


My wife and I switched to T-Mobile from AT&T when I retired in November - the service in Ca is great!!


I normally would not support such a merger as it would limit competition. But in this case, I think this is a good thing because it is the only real way T-Mo and Sprint will be able to compete with AT&T and Verizon. Hopefully this shakes things up a bit.


I concur. At&t and Verizon need the competition. Hopefully it helps out T-mobile. …Wi-Max? LOL cant help but think of “Beta Max” … Na, VHS for the win!

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I’m a longtime T-Mobile user. We have really good coverage here but Sprint is awful (last I checked…may be better now). I agree that the competition with ATT and Verizon is welcomed. I’ll grant that Verizon is excellent coverage in our area but their customer service is the worst. Tried ATT years ago and couldn’t even get a signal at my house. They hemmed and hawed, then admitted it was a dead zone and still were trying to make me stay with them. I asked if they wanted me to write an article in our paper about this…back when everyone still got papers…and they immediately let me cancel the contract. I had it for less than a week! :joy:


T-Mobile has a superior network than Sprint. My suspicion is T-Mobile is buying Sprint mostly for their customers and tower locations, and their network will over time become T-Mobile’s. Or, at least I hope :slight_smile: