Apple Event 9-15-20

Will the Apple event be broadcast on YouTube, or will that feed be shut down to avoid being pulled down? Trying to plan ahead :slight_smile:

It’ll be live on if you don’t have anywhere to watch it.

We will be covering the Apple event as we always do., Tuesday at 10a.

We won’t stream on YouTube, though, to avoid an Apple takedown.


Thanks Leo. Now to figure out how to watch the coverage. During the day, when I’m able to, I keep the live stream running via YouTube on my Roku TV. I’ll need to come up with a Plan B for the Apple event.

We stream on Twitch, so you could watch via the Twitch app on your Roku TV.

@PDelahanty There’s another thread on here that says the Twitch app is broken on Roku.

That’s the (unofficial, fan-made) TWiT app that was retired in 2017. The (Amazon-owned streaming site) app should be working fine.

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Apparently Twitch is no longer supported by Roku.
I’ll figure something out.


Aah, I didn’t know that.

Its OK, I’ve got my plan B. The TV supports casting, so I’ll just cast to it for the event (assuming I can watch). Did that last week for training. Moved the full screen GoToTraining with the Powerpoints over to the TV.

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So I’m wondering if I currently have Apple New+, Music+, iCloud Family now if the Apple One Family is a better way to go?

Most likely. You’re already paying over $20 ($10 for music and $10 for news), and that doesn’t even include iCloud storage.

Well, my hopes were dashed for the iPad Air. I need a new iPad, and was hoping prices might stay close to previous models. The basic iPad did, but the Air at $599 is just too much for my needs. So it looks like the iPad 128GB 8th gen for me.

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The entry-level iPad is great. You’re getting a ton of computing power for the price.


@AaronK, I watched on the Apple TV app on Roku. It was streamed live. Notably, I have not signed up for Apple TV+, but the app did require that I sign up with my iCloud account first. The presentation is available now for replay on the app.

I didn’t see your question beforehand. HTH for future presentations.

Yes, but I wanted to watch the TWiT commentary specifically.

Yea, I went though my subscriptions on my iPhone and came up with $24+. $5 more for an additional 1,800 Gb plus Arcade is worth it. I do most of my exercising in the pool so not sure how much I’ll get out of Fitness+ though.

I am in the same boat. The $20 plan will be a no-brainer for me.

Gonna go for the full boat $29.95!!! Just finished upgrading my iPhone XR and 11 ProMax to iOS 14, my iPad Pro 11” to iPadOS 14 and Apple Watch to WatchOS 7 - sweet

I will do the same if I find Fitness+ compelling. If not, I’ll get the $19.99 plan. I’m already paying $12.99 for Spotify Duo, $1 for iCloud storage, and $4.99 for Apple Arcade. Add $2 to that and I get more iCloud storage and Apple TV+. Feels like a no-brainer for me.

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