Google's phone announcement on August 3rd

What are people think about purchasing the new phone that Google’s announcing on August 3rd? I kind of feel that I want to wait and see what people think first, but I’m concerned that once I want to buy it they maybe backordered!

I am looking to replace my wife’s dying Pixel 2. Her battery life is horrendous, it constantly locks up and has other issues. To be fair she had a catastrophic failure with her first one in the first six months and Google replaced it with a refurb and it’s never been quite the same as the original.

Google’s devices feel a bit too midrange for my taste, they used to offer the pinnacle of what Android could be. I loved my Nexus One and Nexus Five but the Pixel line never grabbed me. I’ll probably be skipping their next release.

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The same here, the Nexus 5X was a great phone, although it quickly ground to a halt with Android 8 - it would take up to 10 seconds to open an app and 4 - 5 seconds in the camera app between pressing the button to take a photo and it actually taking a photo.

The Pixels never appealed to me, they were a Nexus in an expensive case, with none of the high-end benefits that other high end phones brought to the party. I switched to a Huawei Mate 10 Pro after the Nexus, which was probably the best phone I’ve ever owned. I now have a Samsung S20+ and, to be honest, it isn’t really any better than the Huawei, even though it is 2 years newer.

The screen is a bit better, the camera isn’t as good, but Samsung’s AI processing isn’t as aggressive as the Huawei AI and the pictures do, generally, look better. The fingerprint reader on the Samsung is attrocious. But it gets the monthly security updates within a couple of days of Google releasing them, which is a major point for me - I am very picky, when it comes to security.


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I loved my nexus 6, my OG pixel, and my current pixel 2 xl. My work provides a work phone and have had two Samsung, while they work fine I don’t care for them. Being Verizon is me cell carrier I can’t use all the global GSM phones. I have always loved the cameras in my nexus or my pixels. Being a tech nerd I love having access to the beta released and the new version of Android day one. I don’t see myself buying anything but a Pixel.

Ouch! Glad I jumped ship to my Xperia before that bug bit me.

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I love my Pixel2XL the most because of the custom case I designed and Google produced for me. The phone itself is great too, and takes fairly great pics :wink: