Out of retirement

It’s official, I am now a Former Retired Radio Amateur (G8REM), licence back, HF rig, Vertical antenna ( temporary site).
Working from home, playing at home, never getting dressed ( pyjama day every day ).
Just me and my wife Angie, no visitors, loads of podcasts and Netflix.
Hope everyone’s well.
(I am not making light of the situation, I’m high risk with COPD and lowered immune system)



Nice backyard!

It must be true what they say, radio operators never retire.

I was thinking of getting into HAM radio as well, demand is strong.

Great office and tool set. The iMac must be a dream to work with.

Of course, you don’t need us to comment about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@BACONATOR26 @Mistershipwreck.
Thanks guys.
The iMac is a dream, the monitor on the rig is connected to a MacMini using Windows 10 for work. (would you believe I have to use Internet explorer to properly use one of our sites properly). I had a SDRPlay connected for a while utilising my outside vertical professionally installed by Bodgit and Runne.
About the Yard, all plants are artificial off Amazon !