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Hello everyone, I’m Andy and reside in the North East of England. I can’t remember how I came across TWIT, I know it was Tom, Sarah and Iyaz on Tech News Today in the Brickhouse, then I just followed most other shows.
For me, MBW and WW I can watch live as it’s my “teatime” viewing, TWIT on Sundays I usually miss as it’s nearly midnight here.
I’m a retired Radio Amateur, G8REM from 1978, and I mostly work on Transmission Equipment for our Motorway Network.
As a GPO ( now BT ) apprentice I remember using Telex machines to call Radio Pagers, 300 Baud modems were all the rage, and photographers sent Photos to News Papers by Facsimile Machines, usually taking an hour on a “ trunk circuit”.
Oh the good old days, and how delighted I was to get a Motorola 4500 phone, which was a car battery with a handset stuck on.

I’ve posted on the photography sections, and Ant Pruitt mentions me and some bad photos on HOP.
That’s my 15 minutes of fame.
Occasionally I am asked to stand in for Craig Charles on Red Dwarf photo shoots.
I’m stood next to my old friend Arnold “Judas” Rimmer

Anyway that’s me


Hello from Colorado, I have been around since the 300 BAUD days as well… I am still using the same desk from those days.


Well all I can say is SMAKIBBFB

That’s easy for you to say,
I had Chris record me a quick video
“Andy, Stoke me a clipper I’ll be back for Christmas”

Howdy from Texas! Glad to have ya here.

Another hello from Colorado who also remembers 300 baud modems!

:wave:t3: :wave:t3: :wave:t3: