Greetings fellow hoomans from the planet soil

I am a really big fan of TWiT
In fact I watch quite a lot of it.
For my life it is a perfect fit
I’ll pour a drink and have a sit
chuckling at news of corporate twits
and CEOs having hissy-fits
From Linux news to gaming hits
this station covers all of it
Nuggets of gold without all the :poop:


Hello there from over here.
Here is where I am being, which is the fine place known as Cornwall, UK.
I forget when I started watching Security Now, but that was my introduction to TWiT several years ago.

TWiT and SN leached into my own radio show gradually, as I started including more security and privacy news with our usual tech and science topics, until it is now often the main focus (though we are still aim for half the show to be music, half of which the chatroom supply).

Watching TWiT I realised that as I use IRC I should also include our listeners, because the way it improves and adds value to TWiT is immeasurable.
This often adds a lot of amusement during our show due to the fact I use Trillian and it has sound samples for some of the emotes and emoji. A fact various members of the chat room relish and will “help” us by underscoring what we are talking about.
Combined with the fact my show co-pilot is armed with his own soundboard I often wonder why I am trying to do a show in a zoo.

I consider myself a general purpose nerd, jack of all trades. This means I am no expert on any topic but have a broad grasp of things and how they relate.
Originally I was all about the hardware and wanted to be a digital/analogue electronics engineer, but at the end of my training I realised the industry was changing and I had basically wasted my time.
Wielding a soldering iron became something archaic and everything fits in a socket.
Even manually setting the jumpers on a motherboard became a thing of the past and I lost the satisfaction of even that menial manual task.

One final thing,
C= AMIGA Forever !


So wish that was the case. Commodore made some real missteps and David Pleasance at Commodore UK worked so hard to keep it alive.

Back in the day I had the A500 Batman pack. Upgraded it with more RAM, a 68020 accelerator, a 50MB Protar hard drive unit. Later on I bought a used A4000, bought more RAM and Flicker Fixer card. That lasted me until my second year at university.

Wish I still had my A4000. Getting hold of Amiga kit is getting ridiculous now. Not keen on emulators. Maybe MiSter gives one of the most accurate experiences. I think the Vampire Standalone board is a bit in the dear side.


Welcome to the community, an amusing post :slight_smile:

I am also from the UK but rarely listen/ watch live as it never seems to fit with my schedule but the chat room always seems like it woul be good fun.

I too was a fellow Amiga addict. I had an A500 with the GVP hard disk addition (20MB I think). I then moved onto a A1200 and loved it.


This is cool. I love rhyming poetry.

Welcome Dr.Flay!

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Hello from the Great State of Colorado! I was an Amiga owner too!!

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Safe to assume there are fellow miggy users from the original “the community”.
Nice to know you aren’t the only one hearing about great advancements in IT and thinking “but we were doing this on the Amiga years ago !”.

I still have my old A1200 packed away and rotting.
It was very useful at the time (end of the 90s) because I added an Apollo 040 board, 32 MB RAM a couple of HDs and a CD drive.
I used to do all my DTP at home on the miggy and take the raw print buffer files to work and print them there.
Saved me a lot of time !

you may be in luck in that case
rhyming often flows from my face /dr-flay
Be warned my poetry is childish humour for adults, or adult humour for kids. Either describes it well.
Imagine if Spike Milligan, Pam Ayers, Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstien were my inspiration.
…which they are.


@Dr.Flay Childish humour I’m fine with. Cheers for this, I’m enjoying a few of your clips.

Dr. Seuss I would recognize in great detail. I’ve been an avid reader since I was young.


I’m stealing that from you! :grin: Good stuff…welcome!


Feel free, though my phrase I really wish people would learn to use is far more useful in this modern world.

When arriving in chat the most appropriate greeting should be,
“Good mornoonevenight”
That way you get all time zones in 1 hit.