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That TV thing you give Leo is way I hate smart TVs. What it wound reman and this is what do keep them off line and go to like amazon and buy something like the ASUS Chromebit sick computer and use that in place of the TVs apps. The ASUS Chromebit buy the way is just an HDMI computer sticks that intel made but running Chrome OS and not Windows 10. Simer issues is why Retro Pi has basely replaced Hyperspin on Popole making their own MAME boxes.

Hey @Leo I noticed you at times get those Activation Lock calls about older Apple devices or where the owner passed and didn’t sign out of the device. You mention that they can go to the Apple store with a proof of purchase. As an Apple employee, I just wanted to FYI and let you know that it is totally done online, that they are no longer removing Apple IDs from the devices in the Apple store even with a proof of purchase. - Love the show and I have been following you since TechTV days. Big fan of MacBreak Weekly, iOS Today, and of course, The Tech Guy!

Here is the link to submit an activation lock removal request: Activation Lock - Support


Steven King

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Thank you @sking for the info. It’s not your fault of course, but I can’t help but be disappointed that Apple doesn’t have some way for a person in a difficult spot (mourning, say) that happens to have access to, say a death certificate and the credit card the item was bought on, to go in and plead their case in person. No doubt there would be a fraudster that would (or was) trying to take advantage of any perceived loophole.


I can totally understand your feelings about that. Last time I spoke with someone who was in the Apple store for an activation lock issue, the Apple representative directed them to the online website where we they could start the activation lock removal process.

Thanks very much @sking - that’s new information I needed.

It’s actually even harder now to reverse activation lock. That’s a shame. No way to plead your case at all?

As far as I know @Leo, they would just direct the customer to the website to have it removed. Apple advisors used to have them upload the proof of purchase, and it would be forwarded to a department that would verify the documentation. Now they can upload the proof of purchase themselves from the website. - Activation Lock - Support

@Leo I recently found out additional information about the Apple store being able to remove activation lock. I found out that they CAN, but only by their discretion… Advisors are not to send anyone to the Apple store for Activation lock, only refer them to the website. - Looks as if it’s a case-by-case discretion.

I know you want to give your callers accurate information.

Keep up the great work!

OK so that’s exactly what I was saying originally!

@Leo Well you know how Apple is always changing procedures. They do prefer the website. We used to have to forward the proof of purchase documents to the Activation Lock department.

I should listen to you more closely… LOL

Steve King