TTG 1883 for Saturday 9 April 2022

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Scott needs to get off his high horse. There are plenty of places to buy a “dumb tv” like Best Buy.

I thought Scott did mention TVs that aren’t “smart” like outdoor TVs and ones that are made more for business applications. I looked at the selection that Best Buy had and they are what Scott said, outdoor TV or business applications. To me what was more discouraging was Leo’s constant cutting Scott off in the conversation. I think he was upset because Scott mentioned a host from a competitive tech radio show.

Tried to find the promised Link(s) to popular Mail Filters/Rules… Where are they? If there are some, can you provide?

Go to the show page Saturday, April 9, 2022 and scroll down. There are links at the bottom, as well as links to a transcript. Is that what you’re looking for?

@Leo you mention saving [IRC] chat logs… The chatters often post such links, are they available somewhere?

I DID Go there, didn’t find the links, that’s why I asked…

We use the IRC links to create the links on the show notes - so they’re reproduced there. I guess we could add the chat logs to the show notes, too, but there’s a lot of dross amongst the nuggets.