Next gen hardware - PS5 or XsX or upgrade your PC

Anyone else planning on getting one of the next-gen Consoles. I plan on gettin g both if money permits.
Just awaiting to see which both Will cost and which games they Will launch with. For now the New spiderman on the PS5 looks good but am not sure 1 game = equals a console.purchase

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I’m still on the fence - waiting to see prices and availability of games


My kids have PlayStations and don’t want to change. I’m a PC gamer and also don’t want to change.

Kids tend to play what their friends play so unless everyone jumps ship at the same time then I am sure that a PS5 will be on the Christmas list this year!

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Yeah Christmas time not a good time for changing game console types when kids are involved

I’ve owned every Playstation and never owned an Xbox console. (I avoided MS hardware when they brought it out… I used to be anti-MS when MS was more aggressive in the Balmer years.) Now it’s more of an inertia thing. I bought the PS1 years after its debut because I wanted to play Diablo 1 on it. I bought the PS2 because I wanted a DVD player. I bought the PS3 because I wanted a Bluray player and because I thought the launch title racing game Motorstorm looked really cool and fun. It turned out my favourite PS3 game was probably Housemarque’s Super Stardust HD… because of its Amiga roots. By that time, I was all in on PSN and decided to get a day one PS4. It turned out my favourite game on it was another Housemaruqe game, Resogun, which was free, day one, with PSN.

I see the PS5 is also supposed to have a Housemarque launch title. It hasn’t been well described yet, but from what I saw it’s probably too much of a FPS for my tastes… I prefer more arcade-y titles. I don’t really like the look of the PS5… I prefer a very black and boring box. I am hoping there is another colour choice beside the panda version… so I might hold off purchasing until there is a game I know I want to play, or until a new colour option debuts.


I have been invested in the Playstation ecosystem for almost 25 years. I still own every home Playstation console. I know I will eventually buy a PS5, but it will be at least six months after release. I don’t buy launch consoles anymore due to bugs and lack of a new game library. Also, depending on the price it could be longer before I buy one. Because of the very high price of the launch PS3, I waited until the cheaper slim version came out. Looking forward to it none the less.


My PlayStation 2 broke in 2006 and I never got around to replacing it. I only really used it for GTA IV and Grand Turismo.

I played an MMORPG from 2002 through 2007 on the PC (Anarchy Online), but I haven’t played anything other than the odd casual game since. I did get GTA V a couple of weeks back, on the PC, but I only get time to play 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, so haven’t really got into it.

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You’re a bit like me, @big_D. I still have the original PS3 right here, but I hardly ever play it.

I’m not a huge gamer, I like to get some treat every now and then by playing a game for 30 minutes max and then go back to my business. My collection consists of Gran Turismo (the pre-release version), Tiger Woods Golf, NHL, and some ancient CoD (the only game I’ve ever finished LOL). I find myself pulling out my vintage Game Boy (yep, the very first edition) or 3DS XL if I need to get my mind off things every once in a while as well. Besides, as I said in the chat room yesterday, the new games are much too realistic for me. I really like the ones where the actual gameplay is what really counts, not the fancy looks. That might also be a reason while you might find me rocking Chuckie Egg on my ZX Spectrum simulator. It brings back memories of me and my dad playing it on the actual machine back in the 1980s. Just, 30 minutes was not a thing back then as it took around 10 minutes for the game to load from a tape…


Gta V is worth getting into especially if yiu liked Gta IV.
Can’t recommend the online portion as I never tried it

Certainly will continue to upgrade my PC. Gaming isn’t the only thing it’s useful for.

On the game console side, can’t say I’m specifically planning to purchase either but I’m sure I’ll end up with both at some point in the lifecycle. Probably after the first price drop or hardware redesign. Gaming is a social thing as much as a hobby for me.

I plan on buying both. I will mainly play on the Xbox and buy the PS for exclusives.I was really hoping they would change the controller. I hate the stick placement on the PS controller. I know Astro makes a controller so you can stagger the sticks but the Xbox controllers have always felt better.

On a side note the main first party title I want is MLB The Show and it is coming to Xbox next year so I may wait a few months to get the PS5 since I will be buying this on Xbox. It’s hard for me to play on PSN after playing on Xbox Live for the last 18 years.

I am in the XBOX camp, so I plan to get the Series X (or maybe Series S - if such a system is announced). I’m too much a fan of XBOX Game Pass and the cross-platform play Microsoft has championed. I don’t trust Sony to do the same thing without extreme pressure.

I am disappointed that the Series X won’t have HDMI pass-through as we use our as a media center with our Dish Receiver passing-through and we use the TV guide listings. But this is not a deal breaker for my family.

KFConsole FTW!

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Still also waiting on the new Atari too

Xbox ecosystem here, so I’ll probably move on to the XsX in due time. Gonna stick with the Xbox One X for a while, though. Especially with some game developers offering free upgrades, and with the backward compatibility they’re touting.

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I still get emails from the Atari VCS project, but I’ve lost interest a long time ago. It’ll be interesting to hear what it ends up being like.

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Me too…I’m still wondering!!