Stadia a month and a half on: Meh!

I just watched this guy call Stadia the worst console launch in history. (I am not a hardcore gamer so please don’t make fun of me for not even knowing who this might be.) I tend to agree with much of his overly dramatically stated and edited conclusions… on the other hand, I can say that I have had pretty good video quality and very few times where the lag was noticeable… which were my original worries before launch. Never the less, I have 1.5 months of Pro left and have already unsubscribed. When my pro runs out, I won’t be able to play any games unless I buy some, and the prices for games on Stadia just aren’t all that. I’d rather buy and play on my PS4. Unless something dramatic happens, this is probably the last time I will talk about Stadia. It didn’t live up to its promise [yet] and the library doesn’t have the games I want to play. (For example they couldn’t get even one puzzle game of any sort on the platform… not even three decade plus old Tetris, which is available on practically everything.)

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Tetris 99 on the switch is an absolute blast. It’s like my 3rd most played game since launch.

Sorry, sort of unrelated.

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This is why Google should think of Stadia as a platform. The hardware will take shape.

As a platform it needs more games ported. It’s not like Google doesn’t have money, so why haven’t they offered to help or do this for developers to get their game catalog multiplies out. Sony and Microsoft and even Nvidia have major back catalogs and Stadia doesn’t yet even have the full slate of the 22 or so games they originally promised.

I think you’re right about having content (games), PHolder. I am interested in what/how Stadia will offer and pan out. If you haven’t seen these two links - it offers up hope in the idea that it will be open to more platforms - check them out: