Who is planning a new AMD Ryzen 5000 series PC?

Today AMD introduced their new Zen 3 based desktop PC CPUs. The Ryzen 9 5950x is the highest end, for a mere $800US. Anyone planning to build their own new PC with the “fastest CPUs on the market” [right now]?

Super tempting, probably going to stick with my Threadripper build for a while though.

Any time they wanna drop those RDNA2 cards…

I got my 3900X almost day one, so I missed the subsequent opportunity to build with the 3950X. It’s almost twice the price here, so I don’t know if I can justify spending $1300Cdn or so (my estimate of the Canadian retail price of the 5950X) for JUST the CPU alone. (Clearly you justified spending a lot on your ThreadRipper @knewman :wink: ) I’d love to wait for the Zen 3 ThreadRippers but I suspect they will be crazy priced… like $3000Cdn for the 5960X, and then another $1000Cdn for a motherboard… I’d rather have a cheap used car :wink:

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Oh I dunno if “justified” is the right word. I just like that new car smell haha


I really want to need it, badly. Sadly, my workloads cannot even sufficiently tax my Ryzen 3600. It’s the same for the GTX 1070 (which even runs fight simulator 2020 at 1080 sufficiently) or my the year old ThinkPad: they simply hold up too well to justify a replacement. Where has consumerism brought us?

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Yes, my 1700 is still holding up too well. No need to change yet.