Next generation of pc hardware?

Hi all

So I’ve been into pc build since 386
But in the last few years I haven’t owned any fir myself (used laptops)
But now I’m really got stuck how to decide
I already have a 2019 MacBook Pro 13 for my to go
And use
17” 4k touchscreen i7 with gtx940 ssd and 16 GB Ram
As my main system and really dont know if i go for a pc tower for my next pc
It’s not easy for me to sell
( loosing portability/ taking up room/ loose touchscreen) and getting more power and upgrade ability

So my question would be can we predict if there’s gonna be a nee generation of hardware ( such as pcie x32 or a new cpu generation socket etc that limits the upgrade ability to a big jump)
Is there any talking about a big jump anytime soon

What would you do ?

PCIe 4.0 is pretty new and hasn’t reached capacity yet. With PCIe it is possible to add extra lanes pretty easily, but a x32 slot would be massive! Ryzen Zen3 will support socket AM4, and some current motherboards will work with the future CPU architecture, which is very long lived in the computing world.

I really don’t think there will be any big jumps any time soon. Everything is becoming more iterative now.


I’d certainly go with Ryzen these days. I bought a first generation Ryzen 7, because i wanted to experiment with virtual machines. A 16 thread PC with 32GB RAM for just over a thousand Euros? It was a no brainer.

The AM4 and Zen 3’s use of PCIe 4.0 make it very interesting and without doubt the pinnacle of desktop at the moment.


I’ve never actually built a PC with an Intel CPU. I started with an AMD K6 back in the day and have continued with AMD. I am currently using a 1st generation Ryzen 3 1300X. I’m waiting for 4000 series APUs as a drop in replacement for my current motherboard.

Edit: should have been NEVER built a PC with Intel CPU


I am always going for intel CPUs feeling more comfortable with them + Nvidia although they tempt to be more expensive

The biggest leap right now in my opinion is the shift from SATA disks to NVMe over PCIe. Take a good look at Intel’s Optane PCIe SSD product for your boot disk.

Intel’s CPU division is on the back foot big time right now. They can’t get their CPU fabrication below 10nm while AMD has moved ahead to 7nm, and performance per dollar is showing that. Intel hasn’t shown much progress, and with their 10th gen line it appears they’re trying to make up the performance gap with clock boosts and marketing.

Nvidia currently has the upper hand in the graphics space, but it’s telling that the two major next gen gaming consoles have gone with AMD’s yet-to-be released graphics architecture, RDNA 2. When graphics cards based on this architecture are released I believe they’ll be on par with Nvidia’s top shelf.

The number 1 advice I give to anyone building a PC these days - check your motherboard’s QVL! Compatibilities between components are way more flexible now, but that also means it’s easier to pair components that don’t perform well together. The specifics still matter for top-tier performance.

PS - I just noticed in your opening post you asked “what would you do?” I’ll tell you what I did - I built an AMD Threadripper rig w/ an Optane boot disk!


Wow thank you all for your detailed opinions

Now it’s the matter of gathering myself together
Thinking what to do with my laptop
Finding good candidates in terms of
Monitor ( I believe it might be a dual setup 1440p 144 27”
Additional hdd to sdd( i have to open another post based on Leo’s suggestions)
Decide on VGA ( 3080 ti is on the way that might effect the previous 2070-2080 prices)
And find a space for the rig

So apparently the new 10th gen intel is on lga1200 so i need to wait to see if that’s the one to buy or wait to see if 9th gen is going down on price

I don’t know if thats a good idea to buy a nee one now