Reports of [new] XBox Series X overheating?

There are hints and rumours that some people who received pre-release XBox Series X consoles have had them just shutdown while in use from [presumably] overheating. Didn’t MS have this sort of [Red Ring] problem before…? Surely they’re not going to repeat a catastrophic mistake again, right? right?

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Yeah, it was the “Red Ring of Death” that required the board to have to be reflowed to regain connections after it overheated. As long as tech keeps advancing I’m sure there will always be overheating issues, unless they decide to water cool everything…

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I’d heard those rumors as well, quite curious about the circumstances. Considering the unconventional design it’s not hard to imagine people accidentally disrupting airflow to the massive top vent. Ars Technica’s gaming editor had a pic of his pre-release console shoved sideways in his media cabinet with no clearance on top/bottom. Although I believe he was just demonstrating the odd dimensions and ended up placing it elsewhere.

Excited to watch the next gen console wars progress from my ivory tower of PC gaming :popcorn: