New Moto Edge.....Sweet!

A ton of value for 500 bucks. Got mine pre-ordred. (Has a Phone jack to boot)


That thing looks pretty powerful, indeed! I hope the palm rejection on the sides of the screen works very well, too. Here’s to that it turns out to be a great phone once arrived - looking forward to your first hand account.

I don;t understand. I see nothing in the spec’s about palm rejection. Isn’t that a feature of phones with stylus?

I think it may be the wrong term and it will likely not be listed as a feature. What I mean is the ability to disregard touching the wrap-around corners of the screen. If that is excellent, that’s perfect. If the corners are to sensible, handling the phone might register multiple touches. It should be fine. There just were a couple of bad examples a few generations of phones ago, predominantly Samsung.

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Yeah I get it on my OnePlus with a curved-edge screen. Initially you’re always accidentally touching the screen edges as you hold it. You quickly learn to hold it differently IME. Using Nova launcher helps as you can lock your layout.

Looks nice. I thought the Moto Edge was much more expensive than that?

Pre-orders are $200 off.

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