AAA 451: The Motorola Scrolla

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@JasonHowell I think you’re right when you say the carriers and manufacturers could do a better job at balancing their push for midrange phones and flagship. David was right when he said people walk into a store in the US and just buy whatever phone they have there. I know people that call them “Samsungs” still.

I’d love to see a push for more advertisements and carrier incentives to provide customers with more choices regarding midrange phones. I have the Nokia 7.2 and it rules.

I wonder though with the report mentioned in the show that <10% of people buy $1000+ phones why this hasn’t happened already. Don’t you think that a purchasing scheme of a $250-500 phone every year would be better than $1000 subsidized phone when your contract runs up (typically 2 years, right?). I wonder when the profit outlooks will change and the carriers and phone makers will start going the other way.

I though google apps weren’t allowed in the Arena. Snapseed is a Google app.

We let it slide since the arena is in the bag for Flo at this point.

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I’m filing a protest :grinning:

‹wade_county› arena through week 49: Flo 164 guests 127 ronxo 108 raygun01 101