$1500 nostalgia play

Ah the Moto Razr… it was an icon of the day. I still have one sitting around in a junk box somewhere. It was a great FEATURE phone. I don’t have the nostalgia that would make me want to spend $1500US on it, and I doubt that many people love Verizon that much to switch. It will be interesting to see what the Chinese knockoffs look like :wink:

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Crazy expensive. I mean it does fold and the Galaxy Fold is also crazy expensive but still. I don’t believe this will sell well.

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Can you really put a price on style? just kidding I agree it is too expensive… and it still looks kinda fragile to me.

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This kind of device isn’t designed to sell well. It’s early stages of the (potentially) next generation of devices. And like all early stages of any device it’s overpriced, a little clunky, and probably won’t work well either :rofl:

Just like when the iPhone came out, it was 2-3x the cost anything out there, and was from a practicality stand point horrible. But, it started a technology revolution. Folding screens may do the same, they may not.

Give it a year, these folding devices will get down to the $1000 mark with some improved hardware and they will be more compelling to buy.

I’m still keen for the dual-screened Surface Duo, but I think Moto have done a great job at the first run of foldable screens.

Yeah I understand. I’m totally cool with the form factor I think it’s awesome.

More gens and hopefully the price will come down. Although as of late we have seen most all flagships around the $1000 range…I hate it.

Yeah flagships are too expensive. You can get really great phones in the $700 range (iPhone 11, Pixel 3a, OnePlus, etc.). I hope the folding screen thing takes off, it could be very cool down the road.

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Heck yeah I just bought an Oppo A series for $300. 8GB RAM, Snapdragon 600 series, teardrop screen with expandable storage. Can’t beat it.

I love the foldable form factor of the Razr but I think it’ll be a while before we see that in my price range.

I dig the design. Gladly trade thinness for a better pocket profile. BUT…

Snapdragon 700 series for $1500? You’d have to really be pining for the '00s to go for that. Plus - Verizon exclusive? I thought we were done with carrier exclusives. Nobody is nostalgic for that garbage!

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The price is pretty much inevitable, because the first few hundred thousand examples of any new display technology carry all the development cost, so the display manufacturer’s price to Motorola will be extremely high, which has to be reflected in the price to the customer, unless the handset manufacturer can swallow the initial cost because they know they’re going to sell millions. It’s only when the number produced gets into the millions and all the development costs have been covered, that the price per unit comes down to a level that permits ‘normal’ prices to the customer. It’s likely to need more phone manufacturers to start producing devices with the same screen for the cost to drop significantly, Moto doesn’t have a big enough market share to drive that volume by themselves.

For anyone with a long memory, there’s a parallel in the 2008 Motorola Aura, which was a $2,000 rotating phone with a circular display, every pixel of which was addressable. There was a determined effort to make it more worthy of the price by using all sorts of “premium materials”, but they wouldn’t have been more than a fraction of the actual cost. It’s likely the unique screen made up most of the real cost of manufacture, just as it’s likely the same thing applies to the new RAZR.

Just out of interest, there were two Motorola Auras on eBay when I looked just now: one priced at £3,500 and one at £15,990 (!).

That is very cool, but too expensive.

I remember this. I also remember everyone wanted the Nokia slider phone from the Matrix. That thing was priced high too.