Moto RAZR hands-on with BBC

Interesting hands-on video from the BBC. Reporter borrowed one for a day. Can see how the screen folds up close and how the middle is not attached to anything and can lift up.


Probably one of the better folding screen implementations I think, the screen gets pulled taut as you open it. From other vids it extends a bit from behind the chin too. Myriam Joire seems quite impressed, likes the form factor and is hoping for a v2 with better specs.


Yeah, seems like the display itself is the thin flexible film and the rest of the phone is there just to give it support. So any dust getting in beneath the display at the hinge should not affect the display. it is a nice mechanism - the display naturally curling up out of the way at the hinge. Seems like a better implementation than that of the Galaxy Fold. Just need this tech to get cheaper and more affordable.


Really like the form factor but can’t see myself getting past the crummy internals. Maybe they’ll do a spec’d up version later?

It’s just too expensive and the hardware isn’t up to it but I still want one!

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