Pixel tablet got a bad rap from Leo

I could not resist acquiring the tablet for $250, 400- a lot of store credit. I was surprised to hear Leo say that his display did not show the pics and went dark, mine never does. Additionally, he said he always had to put in his PIN code before it would respond to a get Google command. Mine just responds all the time. No code necessary. I replaced my max and gave that to a friend, and the pixel tablet is working just fine for me. It is a comfortable feel and weight. Side by side apps is great . I’ve only had it for a few weeks but so far and I am very happy with it. I would suggest you check your hub settings as that may be the issue.

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See, for $250 it’s a steal. But I couldn’t justify $400 for it. I can’t speak for the issues Leo had with it, and they do sound like transient software issues, however the hardware teardowns I’ve seen leave much to be desired. I also hear the custom SoC they have in it is somewhat underpowered. I’d pay $250 to find out on my own but not $400.

Yeah $250 may be worth a look. I personally couldn’t see $400 on one. Thx for being here.

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Yeah if you turn off all security on the tablet it won’t prompt you for a pin. In order for you to use it like a Nest Hub you have to turn off the things that make it a tablet.

In other words, just buy a Nest Hub Max. If you want an Android Tablet, god help you.

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When mine is docked it shows pictures 24/7. It will respond to my hey Google command just like the max did. As soon as I pull it off the dock I need to unlock it with a pin or my fingerprint. It is a tablet at that point of time, it is a hub when it’s on the dock for me. It works perfectly for me

Some of the design choices they made are weird, especially when it comes to the speaker dock. The fact that it isn’t just a regular standalone smart speaker when the tablet isn’t docked is weird. There’s also the issue of Google killing almost every new product…