Microsoft's new Edge site defaults to Mac?

I went to the Microsoft edge site to get a download of the new Edge to play with in a virtual machine (rather than wait for it to be pushed who knows when.) I always run with uMatrix with scripts disabled by default (because it’s safer and the lack of downloading of ads and the like makes web browsing faster.) With scripts disabled, Microsoft apparently assumes I am on an Apple device?? LOL I’m sure that was a considered choice, but boy is it funny. Why not assume nothing and make ME choose? Anyway, it was quite the chuckle:

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Oh interestingly, once I do enable scripting, now it gives me a choice… :dizzy_face:



Microsoft has good taste!!!:joy::joy::joy:

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oh no, mustn’t risk confusing anyone. always design to the lowest common denominator :roll_eyes:


Maybe Apple is paying them!!!:joy::joy::joy:

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I installed it on my hackintosh i.prefer it to Safari it’s good😀