Good 'ol needy Microsoft

Last night I updated my machine to the new Edge based on Chrome (aka CrEdge.) This morning I upgraded to Windows 10 20.04. I just launched a link from my IRC client, and got this nice pop-up:

There was no need to ask this question at all to begin with, as I am perfectly happy with Firefox, as I have previously INSISTED to Windows. That’s just Microsoft being needy, as usual. When I first started using Windows I would never have suspected it would become all passive-aggressive with me many years later.

So I assume that old edge has been removed, despite being “Featured”. Of course there’s still “Internet Explorer”. This is so much sanity I just can’t take any more! :crazy_face:


This is similar behaviour to Android, if you install a new app that is capable of opening whatever file types it can open, it gives you the choice of which of the apps you have installed that are registered as being able to open that file type. I suppose it makes it easier for the user to open the new app that they just installed.

Weird about the old version still being there as an option, surely nobody would actually want to use that!


I believe if clicked the old version just opens the new version, but I could be wrong.

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My work computer got updated at the office, and I got that too

I followed this to stop the Edge force feeding: