WW 751: Halle Berry Infinite

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I have to agree with @thurrott and @MaryJo on Microsoft’s actions vis-a-vie making far more difficult to set a default browser other than Edge.

I tend to be generous where Microsoft is concerned because I think the company has come leaps and bounds in the last 10+ years. The people who like to bring up the actions of 25 years ago as some kind of evidence of bad behavior today drive me crazy.

But this action with Edge in Windows 11 is objectively the wrong call. Edge is a good browser but that is not a reason to make it as difficult as it is to set a different default browser.

I do think that if Microsoft is getting called out for this, then Google and Apple deserve to be equally called out for the various difficulties they implement for changing defaults. But their behavior doesn’t justify or excuse Microsoft’s choices.


Oh, and I love the idea of a cooking show for Thanksgiving Eve! Consider that idea up-voted!

I think I know where you are coming from. But as long as we can find the odd 25 year old component in Windows it may be fair to say that it’s might just be the 25th coat of paint applied to the same old shack. Sure, the paint is golden and with diamonds sprinkled on top by now.

But I don’t mean to be particularly rambunctious. :wink:

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