Windows weekly Edge browser

I am Listening to Windows Weekly they are bad mouthing Edge. I just wanted to say I am running Edge for Linux because of a procedure running in Edge for Linux that would not work in any other browser.

Not sure what you’re saying here, but what I am hearing is there is some very poorly written code that has tied you to Edge. This is not a win… but a sad commentary on this code. Is it something written by Microsoft?


I didn’t catch last week, but iirc the crew have been pretty positive about Edge. Pretty curious about what you’re running, as Edge is just a Chromium wrapper. I’d think anything that renders in Edge should render pretty much the same in Chrome or any other Chromium browser.

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Well, the friendly snark is strong with TWiT (and welcome among its listeners, I suppose), so I’d not take it too literally.

All three have said they generally like Edge. What they don’t like is Microsoft corporate policy that a) mandates and reinforces said mandate of Edge and b) starts to inflate Edge like it inflated Teams into the do-it-all software it is, today.

So they generally like Edge (specifically what it excludes: much of Google), but they don’t like (all of) Microsoft’s business tactics. (…are impressed by the stellar and slightly unspecific business numbers, though.)