MBW 854: In the Pocket of Big Leo

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I have a Macbook Pro 16inch w/ the Intel Chip. Until M2, I hadn’t even considered upgraded, even with the intel chip I don’t really feel like I push my machine too hard and could get away with updating to the M1 just fine, but if I upgrade, I’ll probably just wait it out until M3. Because the intel is still kicking just fine for me.

Re: Ivory iOS client for Mastodon…can I maintain two different Mastodon accounts following different sets of Mastodon accounts, and being followed by a different set of Mastodon accounts, and then toggle between my two Mastodon accounts? I’m trying to recreate the ability to do this on the Twitter iOS app.

Scott Mace

I believe @RosemaryOrchard discussed this in an episode of IOS today. I’d recommend checking out that episode.

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Yeah almost all Mastodon apps support multiple accounts. I have both a TWiT.social and a Pixelfed.social account on Ivory and can switch between the two.

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