MBW 833: Beard Tectonics

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I was really looking forward to the TWIT Simulcast of the Apple Event. Mikah and Leo are always fun to listen to and I have watched them do their take live on apple event for a few years. However, when I heard that Leo plans to have a “Windows” guy there to rain all over the show, I will just be watching Apple’s event live and not the TWIT show at all.

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Yes, you don’t want anyone to dilute your koolaid… Heaven forbid you should challenge your perspective or resist the Apple brainwashing… you might accidentally delay on ordering all the new expensive toys and miss being “first” to receive them.


Mikah is unable to host with Leo as he will be at the event in person.

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I watch Mac Break Weekly and iOS today only. I don’t give a rats butt about Windows or Android. Who wants to hear about failed Steve Balmer Windows phones, anyway

Paul uses iOS, Mikah uses Windows, Andy uses Android+ChromeOS, Leo uses, well, everything…

I enjoy a bit of snark with my launch events :slight_smile:


Well, you see, you should know by now that Leo is open minded for all platforms… even if you only see him in “Mac mode”. So if he’s going to do coverage, it’s going to be from that perspective. He’s going to invite commentators to give balanced coverage to counter-balance all the mindless spin from the manufacture (Apple in this case.) My previous comment was that you should WANT balance… that won’t stop you from being a fanboi, but it will help you not get hoodwinked.

Additionally, all platforms copy features and abilities back and forth… so I see little harm in being aware of what’s going on on the platforms you choose not to be fans of. You might learn about something you missed out on, and might start lobbying for the inclusion of whatever it is into whatever you use.


I think this is what makes MBW so good, you have real fans, like Alex, Rene and Jason, and you have real users, who also have experience with other platforms to put things into better context.

Alex is very blind, when it comes to Apple Pay and the App Store and only thinks about his experience, not that of people who care more about different features to him. Alex is brilliant and great to listen to, but there are a couple of topics, where he just goes off the rails and tries to shut down anyone trying to put forward a differing opinion. This is where it is great to have @Leo and Andy.

As you say, Paul uses iOS and has been using macOS since the turn of the century, even if it isn’t his main platform.


I am glad for Mikah that he gets to attend. I wish that Leo could get Megan Morrone to host the live commentary simulcast of the Apple Event. I really enjoy Leo’s comments during the event simulcasts. He cracks me up. I saw Megan substituting on one of the other TWIT show a few weeks ago and it was good to see her on TWIT again.


@Leo I for one would love to have Andy and Paul co-host the simulcast with you. I have wanted those two to do a show together for years.


Absolutely! Paul and Andy should be a ton of fun to watch and listen to!

If @MaryJo covered Apple a bit more, I would also love to see the interaction between her and Andy. With their journalistic backgrounds, I think that would make for some fun conversation.

That said - I totally get her reasons for not covering Apple.


Mary Jo’s reason for not liking Apple is that she doesn’t like Apple USERS…too bad and pretty sad reason for a “tech journalist”


Kinda harsh Paul !!! :grinning:

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Paul frequently talks about how he hates Apple but somethimes loves their technology (Like Apple silicon) - but he uses an iPhone (daily driver) and iPad as well as M1 Macs - he also loves and hates Microsoft as necessary (By their actions)


It is interesting, Paul once said he is a tech fanboy, but he is always being dumped on by blind fanboys, because he wants the companies to succeed and to produce the best products possible. When they fail, it should be the fanboy’s job to take them to task, for making a mistake, not to blindly accept the mistakes and berate anyone who points out the king is naked


It’s not quite as simple as saying “she dislikes Apple users.”

At the risk of quoting myself:

To which she replied:

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It certainly would be interesting to see Paul during a livestream of an Apple Event. He at least tries to have a general knowledge and familiarity of what’s happening on all sides. While I can appreciate a certain level of snark, sometimes it feels forced because of his audience.

For a while I’ve thought a fun “special event” podcast would be Paul vs John Gruber. I’m not sure if they like/respect each other though. I don’t pay much attention on Twitter, I just saw one of them comment on the other once. Though I think that Paul is much more aware of the positives and negatives of both platforms and willing to understand the reasons why a person may choose one over the other.


Leo: I am a TWIT Discord Member. I guess it is to late now but it would or would have been nice if you could switch Windows Weekly and Macbreak Weekly, days for next week. I am listening to the Recording of Mackbrack Weekly since I was out of town at the USopen tennis tournament. And you covered just about everything about the event and it would be nice to discuss the Apple event instead of having to wait a full week.

I am getting the iPhone 14 Pro Max or what ever it is called. I desided to sign up this time for the monthly payment plan. Since I upgrade every two years anyway. I find that I can get a new iPhone every year for half the price. If that explanation makes since. So I don’t see a down side. Or maybe I don’t understand the plan.

Oh, for me I love listening to your commentary of the the Apple Event after the fact. During the live event I like to listen to all the specs in the Keynote. That’s just how I like to listen.