MBW 857: Appleback

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I have had Apple HomePods connected to my Apple TV for a couple of years and never had any of the issues Jason was talking about.

I work in the office and at home, about 25%/75% at the moment, but probably going back the other way round shortly, I hope.

I have often thought about a NUC or a Mac mini, instead of a laptop. I use a 44" UHD display at home and work, I use the laptop screen for displaying Teams, if I use it at all, everything else is in Windows on the screen. I have a docking station at both ends. Simply putting the NUC/Mini in my bag would be less hassle and less fragile (no screen to break) and it is a lot cheaper for the company, but for the odd time I go to a meeting or travel to another site (we have 4), I may need the laptop.

I have a pair of the large original HomePods as a stereo pair on my ATV - and Sony 4K TV - works great - no weirdness unless my network hiccups! oh, I also have a stereo pair of HomePod mini’s in my home office that work great

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New HomePods come today. I’m planning on using them on our bedside tables for audio books, late night music, and sleep sounds (we’re replacing a pair of HomePod minis). I’ll let you know how they work.