MBW 719: Jiggle Mode

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I think on next week episode there is still so much to talk about. Talking about Apple’s line up of their products going forward. I have both the 2020 iPad Pro with Magic keyboard and the 2nd Gen iPad Pro with a keyboard case by Gold and Cherry. The Gold and Cherry case looks so much like a Mac Book Pro or MacBook air. I think it is so, so close to having that touch screen Mac. My iPad in the case one would swear that it was a MacBook Pro. So I wonder how all this is playing out going forward. And why would one choose a Macbook Air over an iPad Pro if both are going to use essentially the same chips? Yes, the Gold and Cherry case is bluetooth. So not as intergraded. But other than that it looks and feels like the Macbook Pro.
And how do you thing developers and Apple are going to price iPad App. If these will run on the new macs.

PS. Thinking about it if you still have intel based app one needs to run then one may still want a MAC.


We have a LOT to talk about still, which is a good thing because I expect the Apple news to be skimpy for the rest of the summer. Everyone will be heads-down working on the transition.

I do think we can expect totally new Mac designs starting in 2021. This is what Apple did with the Intel transition to excite users about new capabilities. Next year is going to be a very big year for Apple.

We’ll also be talking about this today on TWiT with Jason Snell, Dan Moren, and Lory Gil. I suspect Apple will be the main topic of discussion!