MBW 821: Blowin' Cheddah

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IMO Apple’s SKUs are getting out of control again. We need a Steve-style cull to simplify things. I know some of this is a rolling upgrade to M1 and M2 chips, maybe a bit of supply chain too but you have wedge M1 MBA, M2 MBA, M2 13" MBP with the old case, various M1 MBPs with newer cases and so on.

Why not just go back to MacBook + MacBook Pro, one case design for each? I’d drop the Air name now the wedge case is going.


I agree! ‘Air’ is the new ‘i’. Air has meant nothing for the longest time, but there’s probably so many people who come in to the store looking for the MacBook Air that they don’t just want to rename it to MacBook. And I agree that the M2 MBP is weird. It was fine for the first round of M1(I own one!), but if they aren’t going to redesign around the chip like they did the Air, why bother. They didn’t even put in Magsafe or a better camera. And if they can just drop an M2 into the case, why not do it for the MacMini? I also hate the iPad Air name. Again, it means nothing, it’s not lighter than the pro. They should call the school one the iPad SE, and the iPad Air just iPad.

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As I think it over, in the cold light of day, I’m gonna wait for the M3 before replacing my M1 MacBook Pro. Rumor has it the M3 will be 3nm which could make a sigificant difference.

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M3 it’s a sin! :wink:

That’s what i did, with the iPhone this year. I didn’t see enough change between my iPhone 12Pro and the iPhone 13Pro! First year I haven’t upgraded! I think you did that as well

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I can’t remember which episode it was recommended, but I started watching the Apple TV+ series Prehistoric Planet. The graphics are really incredible, I was watching it in 4K and some of the scenes are really breathtaking. Occasionally you can tell it is animation, but most of the time, it is convincing enough.

But Alex is correct, if you are an animator/CGI person, or you are deeply interested in CGI, you do find yourself evaluating the scenes at times, instead of being engrossed by them. But it is still very well done.

I love how the velociraptor is introduced by that trademark claw, as shown by Dr. Grant in Jurassic Park, being put down on the sand in close-up, then pulling back to reveal the whole creature.

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I’m really enjoying the series as well