MBW 892: Scary Fast

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The dies for each M series chip is completely different. An M3 is a different die than a Pro which is different than a Max. Watch the intro videos. Each die is completely different size. They are not binned. The only possible binning would be different versions of the Pro or different versions of base M3.

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One intended audience for Apple’s event was Qualcomm – who was in Maui last Tuesday for their 2023 Snapdragon Summit (covered last week by Leo on a TWiT Special). Qualcomm officials are promising some spectacular numbers & energy profiles, but it’ll be many months before we see the chips – let alone any products from 3rd Party manufacturers using the chips. In the mean time, Apple should have some product out in the next couple of weeks – even if it’s only in small volume. The MKBHDs of the world should have eval units promptly. Will Qualcomm’s chips really dust the rest of the marketplace? We shall see.

One other note: I think that hosting a conference in Maui plays badly for QC. “Support the local communities” really doesn’t cut it. If you want to support them, just cut community organizations a big fat check: easily funded by the costs you didn’t occur because you kept your conference local. Just host the event at the Town & Country Conference Center just north of San Diego. Far smaller carbon footprint!


Apple just dropped the M3 family and its a killer - Qualcomm missed the boat - and once Qualcomm actually has a chip in a product Apple will have the next Gen chip going too - good luck with that Qualcomm :laughing:


Luckily for Qualcomm, it doesn’t matter that much.

People who need a Mac can’t use a Qualcomm chip and those that need Windows will probably chose a cheaper Windows device.

The only real thing that they have to worry about is the price/performance against Intel chips. At least on mobile, they seem to finally have the performance licked, now to see if they are affordable - we currently have an $900 budget for company laptops, for example, which gets a relatively good business Core i5 laptop from the likes of Dell.

I am currently using a MacBook Air, but that is an anomally at work, we are Windows only, but had the MBA for testing an MDM solution for our fleet of mobile phones, but we didn’t need it in the end and it was gathering dust in a cupboard. When my ThinkPad T480 bit the dust a couple of months back, I managed to talk my boss into letting me use that, instead of letting it sit in the cupboard and ordering a new Windows laptop.

When it has to be replaced, I really hope there is a decent, passively cooled Windows alternative.

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With how much Apple wants Intel Macs to die they have quite a few on the refurbished store, they aren’t even discounted that much.

Really? How much does AAPL want Intel Macs to die? How are you quantifying this? I count 11 Intel Macs in the refurb store. For a $2.76T company, that’s a tiny tiny number.

Therefore… what? Apple can charge a premium for refurbished units that come with a guarantee. Someone really needing one of those older units has a source of machines that should work well. Apple knows its market, it’s able to charge a high price for this tiny number of legacy machines.I don’t quite understand the spin you’re attaching to this small number of high-priced old units.

Are you running Parallels on your MacBook Air?

Yes, using it with Windows on ARM for a couple of legacy applications that were windows only. It runs them faster than my old Windows Core i5 laptop.

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That MacBook Air will probably last a long time and the battery life is significantly better.

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