MBW 871: Andy's Wild Thumb

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Wanted to chime in as someone who has switched from android and windows to iPhone and Mac. Something that STRONGLY motivated my decision was apple’s stance on privacy. I trust apple to be a good steward of my private data and keep it from being exploited by apps. Microsoft and google’s constant attempts to thwart that got me to a point where I moved over.

The fact that everything syncs and just works is so much better as well. Just an iCloud subscription and everything is backed up and synced across my devices. I have a Mac Studio as my main machine, and an iPad Air and iPhone 14 pro max are more than enough for me. The M series chips are phenomenal.

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@Leo’s pessimistic attitude about Apple Headset being WOW because he’s a grumpy old man is a well earned achievement. New tech just doesn’t rock our boats like it did 30 or 40 years ago. Oh to have that euphoria back again.

I’ve been right and I’ve been wrong. But I just really think that Apple knows this is a dead end product but they’ve invested so much into it that they can’t let it go.

I’m happy to be wrong about this.

And if they can ever come up with AR spectacles that are roughly the size and weight of normal glasses they’ll have a hit. But that as different a product from a nerd helmet as a zebra is from a Ferrari.