MBW 723: Boot Up or Shut Up

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Regarding the movies mentioned, Hackers was pretty much a waste of time, I thought…

But Sneakers I loved. I’m a bit surprised to hear @Leo complain about Robert Redford not fitting with the stereotypical hacker character profile - aren’t we supposed to avoid stereotypes? :wink: I loved the whole cast. Sidney Poitier as a hacker! :heart:


Hi, watching this episode with everyone talking their own rumours, I had to write my idea. i think apple should create a MacBook that will be designed like an iPad Pro with the magic keyboard format. The difference will be the base will have all the processors and battery with a fixed touch screen with the magic keyboard format hinge.
This way the weight will be in the base, the screen will be somewhat covering the keyboard which will be closer to the user to allow less distance when touching the screen. This will even give a better weight distribution for lap use, longer battery life with it being in the base and possibly a greater range in screen angles.
This would be a natural step after the iPad Pro for people who want a laptop and not the iPad Pro.

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I need to find Sneakers


MacBreak Weekly is a great show but does it really need to be two hours long? I have found the only way to make it manageable is to fast-forward through all of Andy’s comments and maybe half of Rene’s. This is not to say they don’t contribute, but Andy provides these extra-long, tangential, rambling examples that really don’t illustrate his point very well. As for Rene, he either apologizes for Apple or talks about Pokemon Go.

I really like the show but it’s not convenient to just put it on and let it play.

There’s been so much going on with Apple lately. I like the thorough job they’re doing.


I’m amazed that in the "what will the first Apple Silicon mac be?’ discussion I have listened to so far, they didn’t mention the one that will probably be the first one - It will be a new Mac Mini I’m sure. They ALREADY make it in the developer version already distributed. All they have to do is update the CPU. Most of the work is already done. Lots of ports to show off the speed. It will support very high resolution screens. No keyboard hassles.

I don’t know if I agree, but I definitely hope you’re right. I’ll be wanting that Mac Mini if it has Apple Silicon! :heart_eyes:


I don’t think hardware compatibility even matters in the Mac world anymore. Actually, I don’t believe it has ever been a big issue. Unlike in the PC world, where people usually think of their devices as being two separate parts (hardware and an OS), it’s a whole package in this case. It’s simply a Mac. Just like it is an iPhone or an iPad. It looks that and that way, and it can perform specific tasks in these specific ways.

For the last decades, Apple has also worked really hard to make their system be platform-independent and made the developers do the same by creating new APIs, a programming language, and by requiring software companies to use them. It’s been for this very specific reason: to make their ecosystem run on any hardware platform Apple finds suitable without users ever having to care about it.

I believe that running other OS’s on Apple hardware has never been a goal. Their initial intention was to show users of those systems how more efficient macOS is on the same hardware, now that they’re in the Intel world anyway.

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