MBW 768: Candied Peanuts

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Rewatching Mac break Weekly from earlier today. Regarding the Homepod. Apple just has to be doing something behind the scenes. Either a Home pod mini + or something else. Here is why I say so…
Apple just a few weeks earlier that they are updating the 4K Gen 1 ATV to support Dolby Atmos. It puzzles me that then just a few weeks later say they are discontinuing the Homepod. Also the new 4K ATV will allow me to use my RoKU TCL TV through the ATV to my Homepods. Why would they do this on a discontinued product. It just does not make sense!!

Hello, I am a listener and fan of a couple of your shows for more than 10 years, so first of all since I never contacted you in any way, allow me to thank you for all those great content you produce, makes alway my ways to work of time when I do a workout more entertaining :slight_smile:
There is just one thing that bothers me a little recently when listening to MBW and I don’t want to complain but just suggest to maybe change your communication here a little:
I mean everyone knows that Rene Ritchie is a huge fan of Apple and because of his business model must make sure that he keeps a good relationship with Apple and in the past when controversial topics like work conditions in China were discussed he avoided too much criticism of Apple, his “strategy” is alway referring to other companies who do the same.
However recently he seems to skip the parts of the show where such controversial topics are discussed, a few weeks ago “had to go” and in this show in the beginning he was “still on the phone”… yeah right :sweat_smile:
I mean, I totally understand why he doesn’t want to talk about some specific topics on the show, but please then just be transparent about this and just say it, making those excuses now all the time why he isn’t there for certain parts of the show already gets embarrassing and this will only get worse. Also I am sure that I speak for all listeners when I say, that I don’t like it when you try to sell me for a fool :wink:

I do not think Rene has ever missed any part of MBW because he doesn’t want to discuss a topic that is potentially negative about Apple. I think this assertion is ridiculous.


Hear, hear. There’s nothing nefarious about Rene’s delay in joining the show this week.

@Maria1979 : the show and its production are unbelievably transparent. If you really care, you can watch the show being recorded live on the twitlive feed. I would guess that Rene was getting a briefing on the 14/16 M1 MacBook Pro models before WWDC – and is currently under a confidentiality agreement. And part of the agreement is that he can’t even mention the existence of the agreement. Rene is plenty critical of products and business practices of Apple.


Hey @Leo : one of the advertisers for this episode was Molekule. The Wirecutter eviscerated the Molekule products in their latest review of air purifiers (see their Molekule Air and Air Mini: The worst air purifiers we’ve ever tested). How do you reconcile their assessment with your personal experience and product recommendation? I tend to trust you more than I trust the NYT’s website, but this is a head-scratcher. Apologies if you already covered this and I missed the discussion. Thanks.

I’ve addressed this previously:

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Great to have you here @Maria1979! We love our German listeners! And thanks for the kind words.

I promise you Rene has no idea what topics will be discussed and is more than able to defend his ideas. He really has been busy due to previous commitments. They always seem to happen adjacent to Apple announcements, but I’m not jumping to any conclusions!

I think Apple gets its fair share of approbation on the show. I know I get enough email complaining about it. None of our shows are for fanbois. If anything we’re harder on the companies we love!

Thanks for listening!!