MBW 783: My New 8-inch iPhone

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Wow Andy how many Dr Pepper did you drink before the show?:joy::joy::joy::joy:😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨


Enjoyed this week’s episode a lot. It was great having @mikahsargent on the show - the chemistry with him and Andy was clearly evident. And Alec’s knowledge with respect to streaming and the qualities of the iPhone improvements was really informative. I really wish Apple would make the watch available for other platforms. But given rumors swirling about their AR glasses (that they will require an iPhone as well) - it seems that Apple is positioning the iPhone as a central processing unit/hub of a personal-wear distributed device network. Which they are uniquely positioned to do - and, frankly, is very appealing to me as a concept.

In any case - really good show.


Oy! Leo was working hard on “traffic control” but I had to step away by the last 1/2 hour.

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After my complaints about Alex’s intractable position on Apple and not seeing how it is hurting others over the last couple of episodes, I just wanted to say that he was absolutely brilliant this week. He really added to the discussion and gave some great insights into the new camera features.

If somebody could give him a little dose of empathy before discussions on Apple’s attitude to developers and customers, he would be the perfect guest. :wink:

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I just find this has become the Andy ranting show lately even out talking Leo which is no small task.
I like Andy but I want to hear from Alex and Rene too

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Um, Rene was not part of this episode… You’re commenting on a episode you haven’t even watched or listened to?

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No its just an observation over the past few episodes

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Oh man, the hate for Mythic Quest was unwarranted. That show hit the nail on the head. The show lulls you into a sense of complacency with characters that seem like they are cookie cutter shallow nothing burgers and then WHAM - they work in some just amazing depth. Are some of them cringey, yes, and so are a lot of people in that industry. Man, I thought it was great.