MBW 759: Columbo Said It First

Beep boop - this is a robot. A new show has been posted to TWiT…

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Dang, Alex’s video is crazy amazing, even better now on Zoom. Viewing the recorded MBW 759 through AppleTV 4K on LG 4K TV. Andy appears over saturated, Rene’s video was generally good but looks better on Zoom. Leo’s lighting is spot on, but video just not up to Alex level.


“I’m not bad. I’m just lit that way.”

…with apologies to Jessica Rabbit.


I can’t believe Apple didn’t already own the copyrights to that :scream: does this mean they can’t say it anymore?

I don’t think the little WWDC memoji glasses have a reflection of the screen, I think that’s what you see in the glasses and you move between them just by focusing on the icon.

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@Leo can you post a part list for the ATEM Mini case?

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Are you specifically referring to the case, or to what hardware it contains? If you want to build a similar custom case, search for “customizable Pelican case” in say Amazon and you’ll see hard cases (even orange ones like the original before Burke painted it) with foam in them that you can remove to customize for carrying whatever items you need.

Never mind I realized I could just take a look at it by pulling up the ep on YouTube. I didn’t didn’t realize how basic (no offense to Leo and Burke) it is. I thought it would be something more like this: https://youtu.be/YcP3doDFgKo

@Leo did I just miss it or were there no sponsors on this episode at all?

It being the end of a quarter, it may be the case, with the slowed advertising demand due to pandemic, etc, that there are no ads. TWiT also uses (or has used) Megaphone to insert ads where native ads were missing, but I guess it would depend on how you listen if this would affect you. (I watch live, for example, so obviously I only experience native ad reads.)

Yeah the ads they inserted were ads saying to go to twit.tv/advertise or something like that to run a ad campaign. They did it three or four times through the show.