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This is my first post and I may get booted for it.

I have been a subscriber for so long that I cannot remember. In recent times the political subtext has grown to be rather blatant. I don’t come here for politics or Woke whatever or social justice warrior nonsense. I listen for credible conversation from good folks, ostensibly about Macs it often not.

You folks are the content creators and can put out whatever you want. Fair enough. This episode was so SJW that I turned it off after less than five minutes of conversation after the usual getting started chatter. I then erased the download. If I want that kind of stuff I could listen to or read mainstream media.

Please stick to the topic of Macintosh, or don’t, it is your business but if you don’t stop the politics and SJW nonsense this long time listener will stop being one.

Thank you for your time.

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You’re entitled to your opinion, of course, but you shouldn’t think that your opinion is editorial direction. The content will still be here even if you are not. As with any content, you are encouraged to enjoy it responsibly and to make your choices as your needs dictate.

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Here’s the thing with being woke. You can never be woke enough.

Yep, I agree with you. Sadly you won’t get a lot of support here though. It’s why I like Alex being on the show. He’s more of a businessman and has opinions that are more based off of being a business owner then being a liberal.

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Are you talking about the Siri voice topic? That was the start of the episode. What in particular was objectionable, and outside the scope of a discussion about Apple technology?

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I believe the TWiT staff and hosts work hard to make content that appeals to a wide audience. Please let everyone have their own opinions and/or politics without feeling the need to chastise others for having a different viewpoint than your own.


The first bit was talking about stereotypes and big IT still stereotyping in the 21st century, that is hardly woke or liberal, that is just basic humanistics, it is, or at least it should be, a non-partisan topic these days… :confused: (I say this as a non-American, so have no brand in the US political fire.)

I don’t usually listen to MBW, but my interest was peaked by @DocC 's comment. The discussion was actually fascinating.

Edit: fake apps and rip-offs in the apps store. I found Lisa’s comment, that $9 a week is something that nobody will miss, but builds up over time… I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t notice $9 a week missing from their bank account. For most people I know, that is a lot of money; I’m fairly well off, in comparison to many in my family, but I’d still notice $9 a week missing!


As opposed to what? Social Injustice Warriors? We appear to have a sufficient supply of those.

This is absolutely true. We can always do better at treating people fairly and equitably.

So - the uses to which technology is put are irrelevant? The choices and decisions of the companies that make the technology do not matter?

Respectfully, technology and the uses of it does not exist in a vacuum. Technology, every other thing in the world - is a tool to be used by people. And how that technology is used, or abused; and how it impact people and society is very much a relevant area for discussion.

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If being woke was about treating people fairly I would agree with you. There are a ton of woke policies that are meant to knock white males down. That’s not treating everyone equitaby.

When Andy said a bunch of white dudes did something. Whatever comes after that is never a good thing and is meant to slam a group of people. How does he even know the race of the Siri developer team. Then when Lisa said she thought the voice assistants should be gender natural. How is that even possible if the goal is to make the assistant sound human?

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Everything like that here has been taken over by the partisans. Anytime someone says a bunch of white dudes it turns off at least half of the country.

I guess you are only allowed three posts in a row so I’ll add this here.

With regards to the fake apps. How is the Apple App Store Review Staff supposed to know that a app is fake? They don’t have every hardware device that has an app. They can’t possibly test that. The story in question the hardware device didn’t even have an app. So how was Apple supposed to know that app was fake?

I look at it like a teeter-totter. Raising one end means lowering the other. The problem is that they should have been level to begin with.


That’s not the best way to look at it. We want to raise the level of one without effecting the others. If you have one person making $20 an hour and the other making $10 you want to do what is needed to raise the one making 10. You don’t just come in and say you both make $15 now.

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You weren’t very specific when you mentioned ‘woke policies that are meant to knock white males down’. Salaries should be equal - yes. But there are a lot of other factors, like hiring, where the playing field needs to be leveled.

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Nothing like beating discrimination with more discrimination. How about hiring whoever is best for the job and leaving things like race and gender out of the equation? I’m sure there are plenty of minorities that can compete on the real merits.

With salaries the point isn’t that they should or shouldn’t be equal. It’s how you make them equal that’s important.

Institutional gender and race preferences exists. The “old boy network” is real. You may be in favour of letting the status quo remain, but others are of the view that it will never change unless “new blood” is allowed to “level up” into the halls of power.

I experienced this first hand when I worked at a local branch of a large multi-national company. All the management at my site were born in the town, and frequently husbands and wives both worked in management. It felt like joining a family (maybe even mob like) and it was near impossible to get a good idea approved unless you could convince one of the “trusted family” it was their idea… let alone break out of the lower ranks. There was no woman that was higher in rank (even if a wife) than a D level manager. There was no one who wasn’t white who was higher than a D level manager, and there was only one token non-white D level manager. Newly hired white project managers could get to C level in a few years as long as they married, had kids, and professed the [mob] “family values.” They managed to keep this in effect while professing to follow company guidelines (that you would probably call woke) meant to prevent it. It appears it’s a really hard cycle to break if management doesn’t buy into it for real.


And how long ago was that? Also, this company is not working how I think it should work. It should be based on merit alone.

Anyways I’m done with this topic. Leo’s going to delete it when he gets back if it goes farther.