MBW 701: Inside the Convolution Kernel

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Karsten shouldn’t be silenced when making a valid and factual contribution. Once again, Leo’s ego spills all over the conversation. Andy’s point was heard and not factual.


Karston got shut down :frowning:

5 People were on camera already. I appreciate Karsten as well but we need a Karsten camera if he is going to contribute to make it easier for the audience to follow the 6 different voices.

And now I am going to disagree with Karsten

Sigh, the iPhone 11 (not the pro) is $699 direct from Apple, it is not a $1k phone. This is before any discounts from the carrier such as getting it for $599 with no contract but you are buying it from the carrier directly.

And you get much higher dramatic discounts when you buy it on a 12, 24, or 36 month plan (aka a back door contract for the carrier wants to lock you in and make money off your monthly service.)
People like iPhones, but they also like cheap iPhones, with the $1k + market is a smaller than the iPhone 11 (not the pro) market. Analysts estimate about 39% of the iPhone market is the iPhone 11, while the two different pros each have about 15% market share. With 15% for the iPhone 11 Pro, and 15% for the bigger screen iPhone 11 Pro Max. [Thus 30% market total for Pros once you add together the two different sizes.]

Here is the link for the stat I gave where Analysts are estimating Apples Q4 2019 sales numbers.


i find Karsten very annoying so … constantly this voice from the off

I think it was appropriate for Leo to shut it He’s not on the panel