iOS 525: iPhone 12 Pro (Max) Review

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Hey guys thanks as always for a great show. I have been a TWiT listener since facebook required .edu domains… I have a question about something mentioned in the show. This is non iOS related but I was interested in something Mikah mentioned about blocking ads through his router. Can you direct me to some more information on that?

Check out Fr. Robert’s show on the pihole:

I use and that works pretty well, too! And requires no additional hardware. Just change your DNS server on the router.

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What is Mikah using to screen mirror his iPhone during TWiT shows?

Ecamm. It really works well.


I’m waiting for my unlocked 12 Max from the Apple store and plan on doing what @Leo did for moving over my settings/data etc.

I have started using authenticator apps (LastPass Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator) and wonder, will all of those be properly transferred over with the iOS transfer? Or will they need to be done separately?