MBW 737: Emmy Drenched

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Just a minor thing. iFixIt has given the past several iPhone generations a repairability score of 6. It’s not something new with the iPhone 12’s.

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Following up on the Charlie Brown specials, the holiday ones are no longer available for rent or purchase on Vudu but you can still add them to your wishlist or watch them if you’ve already purchased them. And the only holiday one Apple has made available is Halloween. I assume they’ll trickle out the rest as the specific holidays come. I really hope they keep them all up year round after that. I think I’ll be buying discs for the remaining ones I don’t already have.

I agree with Renee that Apple should simply push out products and technologies when they’re ready. I’ve never understood the complaints about the iPad lineup being “confusing”. Buy the one you want at the price that’s right for you; what does it matter if there are other options? So there’s now only a small gap between the Air and Pro? So what? There’s still a gap, and someone will want one rather than the other. Should Apple have stopped selling the Pro until they could better differentiate it? Should they have not made the Air so good? I find the entire category of “what’s the point?” complaints to be a very tiresome part of the tech commentary.

So the 2000 days is not consecutive, you have a different badge for that and that is called Longest Move Streak, mine was 1,111 days which was messed up when travelling home on a plane. I have completed my move goal over 1750 times, I have had a watch since release of Series 0, the hard part as you mentioned is keeping that data when moving from S0 to 2, 4, 6. But still going strong.