MBW 684: It Has a Smell

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I ran my AirPods through the laundry about three months after I got them. They were a bit fussy for a few days, then they were fine. A few months later, I started losing volume in my left ear. After some troubleshooting I identified that the grill over the main output hole was clogged with earwax. I cleaned all the openings with a blob of Museum Putty and they were like new.

Fortunately, 18 months after washing, they’re still working.

Good to hear that they survived washing

I too have laundered my AirPods and just waited at least 2 days for them to dry out and they worked like a charm. I read somewhere rice trick doesn’t work any more than just letting them dry out unplugged with removable batteries removed (if a device has it). Someone did a test and they found that rice didn’t help anymore than just letting them sit. So that’s what I did and no problem. They’ve worked great for months later.

I am still waiting for the new ipad.
Talking about Foldable phones on many shows on TWIT I would like to see the follow…
I would like apple to take the iPad mini, reduce the Bezels, put in the latest screen, CPU, and iphone 11 pro camera, latest memory, etc. I would get something like the palm phone or the jelly phone under 100 dollars and very small. With the reduction of the bezels the Mini is not much bigger than a 2 screen phone. And a lot cheeper. If you ever used an iPad mini it doesn’t seem small. Because of the 4x3 aspect ratio. Most of us have earphones so one could just have the phone connect through the iPad Mini to take phone calks Skype, or other video calling. You could use the phone for Data or use a separate sim card.